Alby Gray

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Alby Gray
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Meet Alby the ArtistAlby was born in 1948 and is the eldest male of a family of fourteen brothes and sisters. He was raised in a corrugates iron shed with a dirt floor and no hot running water or electricity. Candles and an old tilly lamp provided their lighting by night. The windows had no glass, so old coal sacks were used as shields against the weather. Rain water was a treasure and limited, so Alby's mother always had first call to use it for cooking. The cooking was done on an old Shacklock coal range of which Alby still has to this very day. 

Quote from Alby about growing up: My father taught me to work hard and my mother taught me to be fair and honest. 

Alby has paintings in England, South Africa, America, Australia and New Zealand. He also has many private commission to his credit.

Alby is of European and Maori descent. His paintings reflect both sides of his genalogy and he has produces a series of Maori paintings which now grace his product range of placemats, coasters and cards. 

Alby loves to paint the majestic, beautiful mountains and seascape scenery of New Zealand. Scenes and subjects of the 'World of Maori' are procuded in his studio. 

Working in a mix of medius, Alby really enjoys the different effects of Oil and Watercolours.

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Hawkes Bay