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Art Plumbing & Bathroomware has a diverse range of specialised and high value added general plumbing products.

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A niche range of innovative DWV (Drain, Waste, and Vent) Bends and Fittings that help solve the everyday problems of plumbers. Including InPipe Fittings, Slab Repair Couplings, Offset Pan Collars, Bath Connectors.
Art Plumbing Products have been at the forefront of developing waterproofing / leak control solutions in Australia. With a broad range of products that seamlessly intergrade the floor waste, the waterproofing and the drainage.
The preferred rinse by-pass choice for connecting washing machines to laundry tubs throughout Australia.
The Bounty Bathroomware Bottle Trap is designed to elegantly complement any bathroom. Simplistic in design while remaining highly functional and easy to install.
The low profile keeps the space saver tucked up close to the top of the Vanity unit reducing visual pollution and maximizing space.
Art Plumbing Products has an extensive range of pipe Clips to suit Lagged Copper, Polybutylene, Copper and Cross Link Polyethylene pipes. Our range includes a large variety of sizes to suit most pipe.
Clever design gives you back valuable cupboard space.
Used in construction and plumbing to secure drainage pipes to a concrete slab or foundation. This provides stability, alignment, and durability, helping to prevent movement and maintain proper drainage flow.

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After the installation of your Pop Down® waste, if you find that it does not hold water when closed there may be an installation issue. A simple test can be conducted to see if water is passing around the waste (in the case of an installation fault), or through the waste, which would be a product fault.

To test, close your Pop Down® waste and partially fill your basin with water. If the water empties from the basin but does not empty from the well above the Pop Down® mechanism, it would suggest an installation fault. In this case you would need to call the installing plumber.

If the water empties from the basin and also empties from the well above the Pop Down® mechanism, it would suggest a product fault. In this case, contact us and we will send a replacement mechanism.