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Product Care Guidelines

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Congratulations on your choice of an Art Plumbing Products or Bounty Bathroomware.

Art Plumbing & Bathroomware Australia Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned customer focused supplier of competitively priced high quality plumbing and bathroom fittings. For more than 25 years Art Plastics has been developing innovative products that solve the everyday problems of plumbers.

Bounty Bathroomware is the trusted name in designer bathroom fittings, combining clever designs with superior quality to enhance your bathroom’s look, feel & function.

1. Introduction

Art Plumbing Products and Bounty Bathroomware products are manufactured using carefully chosen materials to provide good looks and durability, whilst also complying with the appropriate Australian Standards. Treated with care, our products will offer many years of trouble free service. In order to preserve appearance with minimum effort, we offer the following advice. These recommendations are intended to assist you and are based on our experience and judgment but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal warranty or liability on our part.

2. Environmental Attack

This is caused by chemicals and particles that are present naturally in the air or are caused by activities that release these into the air. The chemicals and particles settle on surfaces and can cause irreversible damage. Areas of high exposure and thus high risk would include those near to the sea, mining activities, high traffic-flow, etc. Particular activities such as fumigation, building activities, chemical leaks, etc. can also cause high exposure. If you live in an area of high exposure or have an incident that causes high exposure you may need to clean more regularly.

3. Cleaning

  • Electroplated brass finishes should only be cleaned using a soft cloth and a warm soapy water solution. Surfaces should then be rinsed with clean water and finally dried with a clean soft cloth.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals (containing Chlorides, Citric Acid, Acetic Acid or other corrosive substances), abrasives cleaners and scourers.
  • Polishing of Stainless Steel products is recommended utilising any of the commonly available Stainless Steel polishes.
  • Chemicals used in the construction process such a Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid (used to clean tile grout or masonry) that come in contact with Stainless Steel or Electroplated Brass will cause damage and void the product’s warranty.

4. Product Care Inquiries

For any Product Care Inquiries:

Email – [email protected]
Phone – 02 9896 7760

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